SHTF Communications

The SHTF. Cell phones down. What next? Survivalist Communications.

The S just HTF. Cell phones down. What next? Survivalist Communications.

SHTF Communications are techniques for talking or sending messages during failure of normal electronic communication infrastructure.

Why Prepare for SHTF Communications?

Let’s take a look at a list of plausible scenarios that could lead to the need for SHTF Communications…

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SHTF Communications Scenario List
1. SHTF. Acronym for Shit Hits The Fan.
2. Normal communications may fail for unpredictable duration.
3. Electronic communications infrastructure disaster.
4. Massive computer virus or attacks render damage to the internet.
5. Systematic failure of internet service, nodes, lines, or relays.
6. Normal emergency safety-of-life communications to first responders fail.
7. Failure of electrical grid causes eventual failure of electronic communications infrastructure.
8. Adverse weather, geologic, or natural disaster causes infrastructure failure.
9. Human-caused disaster or unrest brings partial or widespread infrastructure failure.
10. Regional infrastructure blackouts or brownouts.
11. Local infrastructure blackouts or brownouts.
12. Restrictions or adverse consequences on the use of the normal communications infrastructure.
13. Any of the above in combination may lead to a domino-theory of unpredictable chaos events for communications infrastructure failure.

SHTF Communications Flood HF Radio

This blog is devoted to Survivalist Communications for the SHTF Prepper. In past and future articles, we cover some of the technical details of this interesting and vital subject.

©2013 RadioMaster Reports

Disclaimer: Content provided in RadioMaster Reports is included for the sole purpose of providing educational information on a passive basis. This information may be useful to the public in the event of emergencies or disaster recovery, especially when normal techniques are not an available option. Users of this educational information are solely responsible for their actions.

©2013 RadioMaster Reports

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