SHTF: Will They Steal Your Radios?

After the SHTF WROL, Without Rule Of Law, many non-preppers in populated areas could die within the first 3 to 5 months, due to violence or lack of food. Those who survive will be tough. Many will be intelligent. Will they steal your radios? Will they will steal your batteries? Your solar panels? Your generator? Your antennas?
SHTF: Will they steal your radio?

Around 6 months into the post-SHTF apocalyptic world, scavenger-looter gangs could start to evolve into armed militant roving raiders, as they ‘prep’ for the long term future WROL. Their effective radius of plunder and protection will be limited by their ability to communicate with each other, and by their need to maintain security for their own compounds. They will require long distance radios and batteries and power to extend their area of operations…

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Everyone will face a similar problem.
Smartfones won’t be good for much, other than playing video games.
Radio communications will become very very valuable.
AA batteries will be scarce.

Will they steal your radios? Will they will steal your batteries? Your solar panels? Your generator? Your antennas?

You may say you will kill them with your guns, but that isn’t really a viable answer. It is just bluster. Are you really willing to die for your radio?

When you need to travel away from your base station, how will you protect your comm gear?

Will you disguise your gear, hide it, or camouflage it?
What techniques will you use?

Burglar alarms? Zone defenses? Trip wires?
Armed watch tower guards? Night sentries?
Buried caches? Remote control?

Do you use stealth techniques for radio communications, antennas, and gear?
Do you have backup radios, batteries, and antennas?

How do you protect all your comm gear, when you can’t be everywhere at once?

Are you prepared? Are you psychologically prepared? Are you a survivalist? Will you survive?

This blog is devoted to Survivalist Communications for the SHTF Prepper. In past and future articles, we cover some of the technical details of this interesting and vital subject.

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Disclaimer: Content provided in RadioMaster Reports is included for the sole purpose of providing educational information on a passive basis. This information may be useful to the public in the event of emergencies or disaster recovery, especially when normal techniques are not an available option. Users of this educational information are solely responsible for their actions.

©2013 RadioMaster Reports

6 responses to “SHTF: Will They Steal Your Radios?

  1. I really enjoyed this article and the questions it brings up. I have also been working a series of videos, some of them to do with survivalist comunications. One video in particular is called “Survival Comms: Comms plan failure (Comms tech, too complex)”. In this video I speak about a Post SHTF Comms plan failing becasue equipment is too complex for the average user.

    This video is about that topic (and not just s-p-a-m) to promote my video.

    I really think this is an important topic and a really potential point of failure for most survival minded people. I hope you find the video interesting.

    best regards and 73’s
    Survival Tech EU

    • Luis Rodriguez

      If you are a person who wants to survive, then you will become knowledgeable with prepping and radios. I believe that if you’re into surviving, then you try to learn the most you can before SHTF. This will teach you about the correct way and gear one needs. So the person who purchases a radio that is non programmable, is just a part of the population who really has not faced that fact that one day we will have a SHTF situation and is just fooling themselves and will never survive. This is why the US population will be reduced greatly and only the true survivalist will overcome the SHTF. Thanks

  2. Johnny Murica

    thanks for the radio lists and the good work

  3. Who wants to live in a world like that? What quality of life would one have looking out for something as trivial as a radio or batteries? Savaging for food and water and being pursued by violent mobs, living in fear for your life?

  4. David,
    Read “One second after”

    It is not pretty.
    But very possible.
    The cannibal part kinda freaked me out…

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