Widespread Interest in SHTF Communications

About a thousand Prepper – Survivalist communicators every day are going to RadioMaster Reports for information, resources, lists, and print-outs. This shows how widespread interest is for SHTF communications. Here’s a look at some of the common search engine words that people use that take them to RadioMaster Reports. This list can be thought of as an indicator of what those who seek SHTF communications are interested in.

Sample of 200 search phrases out of thousands leading to RadioMaster Reports:

  • 3-3-3 radio plan
  • prepper frequency list
  • militia radio frequencies
  • how to tune baofeng to regular walkie talkie channel
  • doomsday preppers radio frequencies
  • emergency radio bands in my area
  • cb vs ham vs gmrs
  • difference between gmrs and vhf radio

  • frs/gmrs radio frequencies
  • prepper radio frequencies
  • distance for ham radios
  • how to get your own hand held radio frequency
  • import radio frequency in chirp
  • gmrs frs frequencies download for chirp
  • vhf channels family gmrs
  • survival ham radio net
  • shtf frequencies
  • radiomaster reports
  • what are the frequencies between 11 and 10 meter for
  • vhf uhf frequencies list
  • shtf_frequency list
  • v h f radio with full frequency
  • nc militia radio frequencies
  • vhf 05 ctcss
  • doomsday prepers radio frequencys
  • gmrs frequencies
  • radiomaster reports
  • pmr ham radio disasters freq
  • the best ham radio for shtf scenarios
  • nationwide ham radio frequency
  • preppers frequency
  • murs freebanding
  • survival hf frequencies
  • what channels are used when talking on ham radio and what frequency
  • best frequency for ssb use
  • walkie talkie vs cb vs ham
  • programming repeater baofeng bf-f8+
  • frs/gmrs channel chart power
  • difference between frs and gmrs radio
  • cb side band channel 27.4400
  • amateur radio communicate with gmrs
  • does the walkie talkie ringtone able to set from the programming software
  • baofeng uv-5r unlock frequencies
  • gmrs radios vs murs radios
  • vhf radio frequencies
  • uv5r chirp prepping file
  • police radio frequencies free
  • kenwood walkie talkie frequency list
  • freeband range
  • cb free band
  • best cb radio base station lafayette extra channels
  • survivalist ham radio channels
  • baofeng uv-5r frequency range
  • alert tone on gmrs radio repeater
  • best ssb vhf air vhf ham shortwave radio
  • badfeng radio to talk to police transmit
  • 10 meter frequencies chart
  • gmrs radio channels
  • frs frequencies fm or nfm
  • baofeng walkie talkie channel list
  • cb radio channels commonly used
  • how to modify a walkie talkie to receive radio frequencies
  • prepper frequency list
  • preppers frs freq
  • weather frequency on uhf
  • shtf communications
  • walkie talkie police channel for badfeng
  • vhf pmr frequencies
  • frs vs gmrs vs murs
  • dfw chirp file
  • hf radio frequencies list
  • anything better than a cb radio
  • cb radio frequencies list
  • chirp csv files
  • gmrs repeater directory
  • cb frequencys on beofeng
  • chirp csv files, australia
  • emergency ham hf frequencies
  • interesting scanner frequencies
  • uhf frequencies
  • preper hf radio
  • prepper baofeng
  • radio for sale uhf 467 mhz bus
  • ssb radio frequencies
  • list of all 2 meter repeater frequencies
  • uhf radio frequency stations
  • is programming required for handheld vhf transceivers
  • handheld cb upper and lower sideband
  • survivalist talk on hf radio
  • download programing ht kenwood
  • cb channel for preppers
  • ham radio, marine band, frequencies
  • how to tune baofeng to regular walkie talkie channel
  • most common ssb frequencies
  • common pl codes for business 467mhz band
  • am receiver search pmr446
  • radiomaster reports
  • prep list for doomsday
  • radio channels for nationwide two way use
  • pmr frequentie scannen
  • vhf uhf repeater europe
  • whats the difference between ham,gmrs and cb radios
  • international distress frequency vhf uhf
  • vhf channels family gmrs
  • ham radio prepper frequencies
  • ham radio prepper frequencies shtf
  • walkie talkie channel tx rx frequency
  • cb ssb usb range
  • can you use chirp to program a motorola mag one
  • freqs baofeng
  • lsb frequency list
  • cb channel chart
  • ham uhf vhf am fm
  • baofeng frequency list
  • usb hoboken freq
  • shit hits fan radios
  • prepper communications
  • rule of 3 preppers
  • trucker cb frequencies with air band
  • motorola walkie talkie vs. cb
  • highway emergency shortwave channels
  • frs frequencies chirp
  • best 2 way emergency doomsday radio
  • gmrs uhf vhf
  • best murs radio
  • cherokee 27.385 mhz
  • general lee cb additional frequencies s
  • baofeng frequency list
  • ham radio vhf hand held uhf steps
  • general lee additional frequencies s
  • ham radio frequencies murs
  • gmrs vs ham
  • using fm band on cb radios
  • radio frequency list
  • programming ham frequencies
  • repeater list frequency in philippines
  • shtf communications radios
  • what is a common channel for ham radio users
  • what ham license is necessary for uhf transmitting
  • pmr/uhf conversion
  • ham radio channels
  • ham radio prepper net
  • can vhf frequencies be loaded on a uhf radio
  • cb frequencies
  • cb radio sideband frequencies
  • calling 446 vhf
  • gmrs frequencies
  • hf radio frequencies list
  • cb channel 19
  • 149.025000 freenet norge
  • military band in v/uhf
  • reviews two way radios cb ham
  • understanding ssb cb
  • what are walkie talkie band radio frequencies
  • which has further range cb or uhf/vhf radios
  • usa national fire radio frequencies
  • where are they from channel 6 dx land
  • gmrs repeaters narrowband
  • emergency programs for ham
  • better radio than gmrs
  • programming file channel list
  • popular 2m frequencies
  • cb radio frequencies
  • cb vs gmrs radios
  • difference between cb and ham
  • cb distance
  • ham radio emergency frequencies
  • baofeng possible to program fm station in memory slot
  • transciever family radio codes
  • radiomaster won’t open
  • what frequencies are used on the old usb and lsb radio channels
  • ssb frequencies
  • ham frequency chart
  • cb frequencies
  • shtf frequency
  • vhf channels family gmrs
  • making marine radio a murs
  • frs radio us army frequency
  • cb frs gmrs
  • ham radio weather frequency
  • how to get radio to do cb frequencies
  • more pmr frequencies available
  • emergency radio bands in my area
  • big cb radio stations
  • most monitored freq. for mobile radios
  • murs chirp ham radio
  • vhf vs cb radio
  • radio frequencies list
  • vhf codes
  • marine uhf/vhf radio europe
  • tableau frequence gmrs frs sainsonic rst 575
  • frs frequency military
  • unlock baofeng for all channels
  • cb radio frequency expansion
  • baofeng shtf frequencies
  • ham base 2 way radio
  • gmrs frs frequencies and ctcss
  • militia am frequencies
  • cb radio channel 16
  • uhf vhf radio frequencies
  • vhf public frequencies
  • vhf low band business radio
  • vhf radio programming
  • uk marine channel frequencies .csv file
  • inbetween cb channels chart

The original source of this article is the RadioMaster Reports blog.

©2015 RadioMaster Reports

6 responses to “Widespread Interest in SHTF Communications

  1. good info

  2. Richard Shores.

    Any communication tech preppers near Tampa,Fl. ?

  3. Edward Ray Van Natta

    Thanks for help on this. updating my Ham Radios

  4. great comms articles.

  5. Great report! Anybody know where to find CHIRP CSV lists by state?

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