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Patriot Radio Channels

Patriot Radio Channels are the VHF UHF frequencies for American Patriots. Frequencies for freedom! Download and program your walkie talkies with this free programming file. Be ready when you are called upon to respond. No ham license? No problem. Whether you have a Baofeng or any other type of radio, these are the communications channels of true patriots…

Patriot Radio Channels. Frequencies for Freedom.

Patriot Radio Channels. Frequencies for Freedom.

To program your radio, print and download the following information…

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Militia Radio Frequencies

The militia-patriot movement in America has embraced radio communications in a big way. Within the past decade, the methods and communications gear have evolved from basic CB or FRS radios, to now include VHF-UHF FM, HF SSB, and HF digital communications. This article focuses on some of the radio gear and channel frequencies utilized by various groups. Radio comms now play an active role in armed confrontations, as part of rump militia training, in outreach, and in organizing groups.


Militant in Oregon 2016 using VHF UHF radio

Photo shows armed militant in Oregon using a VHF-UHF radio. A closer look at the radio display shows the channel frequency is…

The original source of this article is RadioMaster Reports.
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Survivalist SSB CB Freeband Channel Frequency List

Information for Survivalist, Prepper, or SHTF Survival Communications using Single SideBand CB radio around 27 MHz.
Survivalist 375 CB SSB Radio
The original source of this article is the RadioMaster Reports blog.

Freeband frequencies around 27 MHz CB have been widely used by thousands and thousands of freebanders worldwide over the past 40+ years. Here in this list, we document the best and most common Single SideBand (SSB, USB, LSB) Freeband frequencies useful for Survivalists. We cover mainly SSB because it is by far the best method. SSB is so much better than either AM or FM, that it should be the the prime choice of survivalists and SHTF preppers everywhere, for direct communication over wide areas between mobiles and base stations.

Extra Super Secret Channels
The Survivalist SSB CB Freeband Channel Frequency List is the essential chart of Secret CB channels, CB SSB channels, …

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