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Marine Channel Frequencies VHF UHF Radio Programming

Radio communication is an integral part of nautical life. Whether you are a casual boater or a seagoing professional, this article provides the marine channels you need for programming modern VHF-UHF radios with the international frequencies for ships, yachts, motorboats, ferries, sailboats, cruise ships, freighters, tankers, industrial docks, skiffs, riverboats, inflatables, aquatic sports, fishing, kayaks, and all types of watercraft. Download and program your walkie talkies with this free programming file. For Baofeng or any other type of radio, these are the communication frequencies for oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers of the…

Marine Channel Frequency Programming for VHF-UHF Radios

Marine Channel Frequency Programming for VHF-UHF Radios

The original source of this article is RadioMaster Reports.
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